Milk processing throughout Italy

To obtain first fruits such as white grape must and concentrated red lipstick, we submit the liquid product obtained from the different qualities of grape, followed by pressing through specific process processes. In both cases, the must is filtered, concentrated in a 4-vacuum evaporator and then cooled to a temperature of +5 ° C. By following this procedure, we are able to trade these products throughout Italy.
Produzione vino

Varietal and table wines

Our producer cellar, located in the Emilia-Romagna area and specifically in Albinea, owns several vineyards. For this reason, we select directly all the raw materials we use to produce varietal, organic and table wines. Customers can, on any occasion, appreciate the organoleptic characteristics of the different nectars we make available to them. Meeting the needs of anyone who is a peculiarity of the winery, appreciated throughout Italy.

Adjusted concentrate

To obtain rectified concentrated grape must from different quality grapes, the liquid is initially filtered and treated with food-grade resins. Subsequently, it is subjected to processes such as vacuum concentration. By personalizing every aspect of the production chain, we guarantee to our consumers, present throughout Italy, this emilian excellence.

Concentrated concentrate

Concentrated must originates from a partial dehydration process of its aqueous component without the use of direct fire that would cause the caramelization of sugars. Since 1970, we are dealing with this kind of machining using the latest generation of instrumentation, which ensures an optimal result.
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