Concentrated grape must all throughout Italy

Thanks to the success that our winery has had over the years, we work throughout Italy as producers of bulk and bottled wine,  concentrated and rectified grape musts, and balsamic vinegar. With time, we have been able to reach locations in the northern and southern parts of the Italian boot, relying on freight forwarders and trustworthy couriers. These collaborators, with maximum punctuality, are able to deliver our products to the residence of the customer who has requested them.
The main products provided by our company are the following:
• Concentrated red grape must
• Concentrated red grape must without SO2 (must be reserved during the harvest period)
• Concentrated white and red grape must
• Concentrated and cooked grape must, suitable for the production of Balsamic vinegar of Modena
• Organic, concentrated grape must
• Rectified, concentrated must
•White and red desulphurized must, chilled at a low temperature
• Red and lambrusco wine
• Dense food condiments
• Wine vinegar

Several types of musts

We successfully produce, for customers throughout Italy, different types of must such as concentrated, rectified concentrated, and with low sulfur dioxide content. The liquid product, which is derived from pressed grapes, is then processed based on its final destination. Thanks to the experience and expertise of professionals in the industry, we are proud to supply the product, with maximum punctuality, to the customers with whom we maintain a faithful relationship, which in many cases lasts for years.

Precious red

At Tenuta del Ghiardello, located in the foothills of ​​the Albinea vineyards, we produce cooked must from Trebbiano grapes, which are essential for obtaining traditional balsamic vinegar and the precious Reggiano Lambrusco DOC. This wine, made from top quality grapes, is a nectar that we sell in limited quantities. In addition to this niche product, which we distribute all throughout Italy, we also recommend our organic red wines, as well as those typical of the Emilia region.
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